Submissions of Work

The award was last given for work published in 2017. We are still hoping to call for submissions in the future and will post news of any forthcoming round on this website. A minimum of two works of journalism (1500 words or more) and a maximum of three works of any length would normally be submitted, provided they have appeared in print or on a reputable website within the specified time frame: usually between 31 January of the year in question and 31 January of the year the award is given. In 2013 the award went to a team of journalists for a collaboration -- three members of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism -- and on one occasion the judges' deliberations resulted in a tie (Dahr Jamail and Mohammed Omer). Otherwise the prize is won by a single journalist. There are no finalists or runners-up. The judges do, however, give special awards from time to time, for outstanding contributions to journalism (Umar Cheema, Charles Clover and Jonathan Cook in 2011), or for a long and distinguished career in the field (Marie Colvin and Jonathan Steele).

Print submissions, of which we require six copies, but not the original, should be mailed to:

Dr Alexander Matthews
116 Fore Street
Devon TQ7 1AW
United Kingdom

Web submissions may be emailed as links or attachments to: